Period cup

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Small/Teen – 18 ml capacity (if you are under 18)

Medium – 24 ml capacity (if you are 18–30 years old and have not given birth vaginally)

Large – 32 ml capacity (if you’ve given birth vaginally or are over 30 years old)



&Sisters Period cup

Made from 100% soft, hypoallergenic medical silicone with an extra coating for a silky smooth finish, the nüdie is nontoxic, latex-free and BPA-free.

The re-usable nüdie cup can be a replacement for pads and tampons to help reduce your period waste (people use an average of 10,000 disposable period products in their lifetime) or added to your period armoury for days when you want to go out and about and not worry about changing a tampon. Let the cup suit your lifestyle. 

It has a number of design modifications that make it different to others on the market such as the easy-to-hold Pebble™ pull (perfect for hassle free removal) and Tri-flow™ air release holes.  

Designed for everyone, from teens upwards, nüdie is perfect for every day of a period. One nüdie covers light to heavy flow days, providing up to 12 hours of protection a day. Even the smallest teen size nüdie cup has the capacity of at least three mini tampons.

The nüdie makes periods healthier, and more eco-friendly as well as cheaper (always a plus!). Not only this, but people can feel good that they’re doing their bit to support others too (&Sisters have vowed to donate 10% of profits to charity).

Over a 10 year period (the life-span of a nüdie), the nüdie can help save over 2,500 disposable period products, minimising carbon footprints and helping save the planet.

It’s available in three sizes – small/teen (under 18’s), medium (those in their 20’s) and large (for those who have given birth vaginally or are over 30)

What we love



Perfect for every day of your period from light to very heavy flow days.

Simply fold the cup and insert. Your vaginal muscles hold it firmly in place. The cup collects your flow. Then at least every 12 hours, just remove, empty, rinse and reinsert. A guide for use is included.

Ideal for travelling, swimming and exercising.

1 review for Period cup

  1. Susan Chambers

    Awesome cup. I have tried a lot of cups to find the right one for me. Honestly, when I used this cup I could not feel a thing. One of the things I really struggled with when using the other cups was how hard and rigid they are. This cup is so soft. Highly recommend.

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