Make-up pads – 8 rounds


8 pads approximately 3 inches in diameter



The Zero Waste Maker Make-up pads

These reusable 100% recycled/repurposed cotton fabric make-up pads are the perfect replacement for disposable shop bought cotton pads or wet wipes. They are durable, washable and reusable. One side has brushed cotton making them soft and gentle on your skin.

Because there is no ‘away’

Responsible disposal

If you ever feel like your pads have come to the end of their life, you can simply cut them up (carefully) into tiny pieces and add to your compost bin/food waste bin. Please exclude the stitching thread.

What we love





Simply wash with your regular clothes. To avoid shrinkage wash on a 30° cycle and put them in a small cotton bag so you don’t lose any in the washing machine.


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