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The Zero Waste Maker Dish sponge

These environmentally-friendly dish sponges are made from 100% recycled/repurposed fabrics. They are durable, washable and reusable. Why not ditch that kitchen sponge that isn’t good for the environment and replace it with this stylish alternative? Those with one side made of reused hessian coffee sacks (not available on all sponges) give a rough side for scrubbing.

Because there is no ‘away’

Responsible disposal

At the end of its life you can always send the recycled wadding from your sponge back to The Zero Waste Maker. If it has become worn out, they can recycle most of it into a new usable sponge for sale. The outside fabric can be cut into pieces and biodegrade in your compost creating circular economy.

What we love



The recycled wadding fill is a plastic material that will feel more like a store-bought sponge. It foams up nicely, dries quickly and works really well. The downside is that it doesn’t biodegrade quickly. But it is made from recycled materials, saved from going to landfill straight away.


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