Collapsible drinking straw


Straw made of stainless steel with silicone inner tube


Shlurple Collapsible drinking straw

Buy a Shlurple, save a turtle. This innovative collapsible straw is compact and very portable making it easy to carry around in your bag or even pocket. It is the ideal zero waste companion for helping to reduce the billions of straws ending up in our oceans every year. The straw is made from stainless steel with a silicone inner-tube and the box is made from wheat composite.

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The storage box is made from a wheat composite of reclaimed wheat, which would otherwise be agricultural waste, mixed with BPA free Polypropylene (PP). This will biodegrade much quicker than regular PP due to the wheat composite.

The straw itself is made of a food grade silicone inner tube with 4 stainless steel tubes, all fully recyclable.


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